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Origin of the Term Son of GOD

The Quran is the most amazing book that is found on planet Earth. It is very precise and super concentrated while able to deliver the outlines of specific things in graphic detail but couched in simplified form when unraveled especially Read More →

Amazing Grace how Sweet It Is

A good question might be, how come these articles aren’t written in Arabic strictly using Arabic sources? Well, for one thing these articles are not especially for people who have a good handle on Arabic Islamic sources. Secondly, these writings Read More →

A Cunning Deception: A Case of Alethephobia

Many are the ways people try to take Islam down. This world, by its very nature, is a world of deception. We can figure that one out in a variety of ways. One way is by knowing that in Earth’s Read More →

Finally Part 2

How can Christians find the true value of their ‘Cross’ and appreciate the value of being ‘crucified in Christ’? By following the truth in the meaning of the REAL CROSS as one must apply it to oneself! This is the Read More →