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More Elaboration on Quran (7:176): The Man You May Meet Again

The symbols {} are used to provide more clarity of information to the text. If it had been OUR WILL, WE should have elevated him {this character} with OUR SIGNS {and made him a great soul}; BUT {he turned his Read More →

The Ability to Think Straight and Keep One’s Balance

The symbols {} are used to represent further exposition into the subject matter. As reported in the article An In-depth Explanation of Muhammad as Found in the Gospel of John: If Montanus was the promised ‘Comforter’ predicted to come in Read More →

The Simplicity of Islam as to Being the Religion of Logical Truth – the Sword of Reason

Once again, the symbols { } are used to bring a clearer Interpretation.   The purpose of this writing is to provide a consistency of interpretation from across cultures and religions that hopefully explains some of the dynamics of religious Read More →