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The Beginnings of the Destruction of Truth Brought by Jesus

Every true religion is going to go through some rough patches especially when the founder leaves his job to join the spirit world. In the case of Christianity, the cracks in faith can be found not too long after the Read More →

The Strange Story of Judas Iscariot

Could people not only get the crucifixion story about Jesus (pbh) wrong but also mangle the true story of Judas Iscariot from their Bibles? How could that possibly be when they have ‘Biblical records’ like the New Testament to tell Read More →

Exploring the Reasoning into the Supposed Crucifixion and Being Born Again (Revised)

The symbols {} are used for explanation purposes only The New Testament calls Jesus (pbh) a prophet in his acting capacity and a Jewish Rabbi of the Law. So, it is of excellent benefit to understand Jewish Law concerning a Read More →