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Did Jesus Really Call That Woman a Dog?

The symbols { } are used for clarification points only! Did Jesus (pbh) really call that non-Jewish, Canaanite Woman a dog? Christian apologists try to dance daintily around this topic by explaining the ‘real’ meaning of the word ‘dog’ as Read More →

People See What They Want to See

People see what they ‘want’ to see. This may have some psychological and spiritual ramifications. If something is ‘ingrained’ in a person and they don’t feel the need to be ‘clinically or spiritually honest’ with themselves due to the fact Read More →

The Universal Symbol of Religion

The use of the symbols { } are for clarification purposes only! Their {the Unbeliever’s} intention is to extinguish ALLAH’s LIGHT (by blowing) {vain and erroneous talk} with their mouths: But ALLAH will complete (the revelation of) HIS LIGHT, even Read More →

So, You Think You Know about ALLAH Do You?

The symbols { } are used strictly to ‘enhance‘ the general meaning. The imaginary Sherlock Holmes once said, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Some people have an ingrained notion that Read More →

PAKISTAN, the Internet and Other Wild and Woolly Things

The use of the symbols { } are for clarification purposes only GOD is THE GOD of TRUTH! One of HIS NAMES is AL-HAQQ which means THE MOST TRUE ONE OR simply THE TRUTH. GOD does not have a named Read More →