On Getting Serious (Revised)

When you preach to those who are already converted to one’s philosophy, PROOF at what you are saying will not be so vehemently demanded. And so the ‘preacher’ can get away with crafty lies and hinder men from the truth. Read More →

Before We Were, the Plan Became (Revised)

Use of the symbols {  } are given to clarify certain ideas *See the end of this article countering the reasons given by Christians on why Jesus was crucified. There are so many mysteries in the world that man would Read More →

One of Our Most Profound Duties in Life

The use of the symbols { } are used for clarification purposes. First let me put in a minor correction concerning a Biblical reference to the last article, And to GOD What Is God’s: ***Correction to the article, “And Render Read More →

And Render unto GOD What is GOD’s

…ALLAH will raise up in rank those of you who believe and those of you who have been given knowledge and ALLAH is well-acquainted with what you do.    Q (58: 11) The symbols { } are used for better clarification Read More →

Render unto Caesar What is Caesar’s

As is usual the symbols { } are used to add clarity for a better understanding. Probably the wisest of the Prophet’s Companions was ‘Ali. He was the one whom the other Companions liked to check with on important Islamic Read More →

The Walls Are Closing In

Well, if the last article wasn’t a surprise, I guess this one will be. The walls are closing in thanks to a whole host of things that the discerning reader will have already noticed. The Arabs fight among themselves and Read More →

Life as We Know It

Those to whom WE have sent the BOOK study it as it should be studied: They are the ones that believe therein: Those who reject faith therein, the loss is their own.   Q (2: 121) “O my LORD! YOU have Read More →