The Confederates and Other Wonders

The symbols {} are used to bring clarity to the information presented. Then WE will surely question those to whom (a message) was sent, and WE will surely question the Messengers {AS TO HOW THOSE PEOPLE OBEYED THE COMMANDS OF Read More →

Expanding on the Knowledge Concerning Zul-Qarnain (Revised)

Use of the symbols {} are for clarification purposes only Can the following statement about Zul-Qarnain found in the article “Who Was Zul-Qarnain” be expanded with more clarity? ‘The only place where he (Zul-Qarnain) apparently bypasses his great and vast Read More →

More Elaboration on Quran (7:176): The Man You May Meet Again

The symbols {} are used to provide more clarity of information to the text. If it had been OUR WILL, WE should have elevated him {this character} with OUR SIGNS {and made him a great soul}; BUT {he turned his Read More →

The Ability to Think Straight and Keep One’s Balance

The symbols {} are used to represent further exposition into the subject matter. As reported in the article An In-depth Explanation of Muhammad as Found in the Gospel of John: If Montanus was the promised ‘Comforter’ predicted to come in Read More →

The Simplicity of Islam as to Being the Religion of Logical Truth – the Sword of Reason

Once again, the symbols { } are used to bring a clearer Interpretation.   The purpose of this writing is to provide a consistency of interpretation from across cultures and religions that hopefully explains some of the dynamics of religious Read More →

An In-depth Explanation of Muhammad as Found in the Gospel of John

The symbols { } are used to further clarify certain meanings.   We find in the Glorious Quran that Jesus (pbh) foretold the advent of the coming of the next prophet, Prophet Muhammad (pbh) by name. Is that an accurate Read More →

An Example of John (16 verse 13) as It Relates to Prophet Muhammad

It is one thing to say a certain thing but it is another thing to show or prove it! So, it is always helpful to give examples to bring a more stable orientation to the topic at hand. In this Read More →