The Last Piece of the Puzzle

The big problem with entrenched view is that the evidence is all too often altered to fit man’s myopic notions when it is these same notions that should be altered to fit the evidence. The use of these symbols {}are Read More →

The Quran: A Book of Truth, a Resource and a Whole Lot More

The symbols { } are used to enhance more clarity of content. So if this is true, then it can be demonstrated. There are many puzzles in life and one of them concerns the actions of Judas Iscariot. Not too Read More →

Religious Confusion

During these times of unsettling religious disputes especially between Sunni and Shi ‘ah factions and the world that we live in that tends to dull the senses about things which are right and proper, it is necessary to look at Read More →


It is simply amazing when one thinks about it. How great and wonderful Jesus (pbh) is and yet he will be standing and waiting for Muhammad (pbh) to come and get the Gates of Paradise to open or else he Read More →

For Those Who Dare

The two articles that should be read in conjunction with this one, are the articles: That and a Dollar Will Buy You a Cup of Coffee and the article On Religion and Things. To make things clearer about what was Read More →

On Religion and Things

The use of the symbols { } are meant to show clarity of meaning The most important thing about these articles is NOT in showing areas of concern or belief to the vast majority of those who are earnestly practicing Read More →

Was Jesus Actually Crucified?

The symbols { } are used to bring a clearer definition to the written word. Most of the Christian world would declare that Jesus (peace be upon him) was crucified. However, this paper takes a different viewpoint while believing that Read More →