The Perfect Marriage

What exactly is the ‘perfect marriage’? The perfect marriage is the union and therefore balance between the Letter of the LAW and the Spirit of the LAW. Now that may sound mysterious and it probably is to a great extent Read More →

The Messiah as reported by Prophet Isaiah (pbh)

The symbols { } are used mainly for clarification purposes. We can now look at Isaiah (pbh) Chapter 53. If people can accept prophet Isaiah’s (pbh) work concerning the revelations about Prophet Muhammad (pbh), they should be able to accept Read More →

Are We Co-Creators along with ALLAH? or Baptism by Fire

The concept that man can be a co-creator along with THE ONE GOD is not a new one. The Christian religion, especially Evangelicalism, is jumping for joy over this ‘idea’ and there is one provision that they should think about. Read More →

Prophet Isaiah (pbh) Concerning Islam

The symbol { } is used to clarify and simplify the text. Prophet Isaiah’s (pbh) name in Arabic is أشعياء – Asheeʻyā’ and although he is not mentioned in the Quran or hadiths, his ‘testimonials’ to Jesus the Christ-soul and Read More →

An Offering for Sin

The symbols { } are used to clarify this author’s position! How can the notion as found in Isaiah chapter 13 of Jesus or the Christ-soul (pbh), to be more exact, be considered an ‘offering for sin‘* and still conform Read More →

Study the Records as They Should Be Studied

The following symbols { } are used to enhance the meanings given. In part, this article as well as the previous 3 articles are in answer to the much confused Abdullah Sameer (doubter of ALLAH) who seems very unaware of Read More →

As Was Told by the Prophet (pbh)

The symbols { } are used for clarity and emphasis purposes only! The knowledge concerning Muslim governmental leadership, the public in general and the state of affairs of various nations has been revealed in hadith literature. We hear of great Read More →